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Door Trim

Adding Curb Apeal That Doesn't Break The Bank

I recently up-dated a door and it's trim. The door had been hung about 3 years prior and needed some attention. Pre-hung paint grade doors come from the home centers with a primer coat and a brick mould trim. The primer coat is only good for so long by itself and the door manufacturer will give you the maximum time allowed before the primer coat will require paint.

I have seen a lot of these doors hung with no paint other than the original oxidized primer that came with the door and the standard brick mould trim. Once the primer oxidizes sanding and a new primer coat is required in order to top coat with paint. So it pays to paint the door soon after purchasing to keep the costs down.

I like to do two upgrades to these doors that really makes them look great.

First: the paint I like to use is an oil based enamel with a gloss or high gloss sheen. This gives you a very durable surface that cleans up well, looks great and will give years of Service

SECond: I like to remove the standard brick mould and replace it with a custom craftsman trim. I make the door trim from cedar or douglas fur. The trim is wider (3 1/2") than the standard (2") that comes with the door Originally. The top of the door trim is stacked With profiles making a grand statement to your front entry.

This type of trim can be used for windows as well. And lets not forget about the interior of your home. When it comes to a better look for your home and fantastic curb appeal, trim work is a great way to get a lot of bang for your buck!

Fred Davis

Wood and Welding